virtual boy

This by far the oddest games experience your are ever likely to have. Its totally antisocial (nobody can see how you are doing) and when you stop you feel like you need new eyes! The system was a major flop for Nintendo, and never got a European release. It was basically an attempt to have 3D gameboy games. Everything is in red, but the 3D effect is very good. Not that many games were released, and some of them were really bad.

Games OwnedBoxedInstructions
3D Tetris
Galactic Pinball
T&E Golf
Mario Tennis
Panic Bomber
Red Alarm
Teleroboxer (x2)
Virtual League Baseball
Vertical Force
Wario Land
Games AvailableSourcePrice
Insmouse No Yakata eBay£65
Jack Bros
Mario Clash
Nester's Funky Bowling
SD Gundam: Dimension War
Space Invaders: Virtual Collection
Space Squash eBay£65
Virtual Bowling eBay£690
Virtual Fishing
Virtual Lab