pokemon mini

This little games machine could be bought from eBay for as little as £3.20 at one point. That is complete with a game cartridge and a battery! It has an infrared port for multiple player games, a rumble feature and a shock sensor which can be used to control things in certain games. It has the standard original gameboy button layout with the addition of a shoulder button at the top right. It also has built in memory for saving games (6 slots), a clock, an alarm and a stopwatch.

Games OwnedGames Wanted
Pokemon Party Mini (x3) Pokemon Puzzle Collection 2
Pokemon Shock Tetris Pokemon Race Mini
Pokemon Pinball Mini Pichu Bros Mini
Pokemon Zany Cards Anime Card
Pokemon Puzzle CollectionPokemon Sodateya San Mini
Togepi No Daibouken (Togepi's Great Adventure)
Pokemon Breeder

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