The Vectrex is a unique games console with a built in 9 inch black and white vector graphic display. It also has a built in game, which is a version of Asteroids. Colour could be laughably added by putting a plastic overlay on the screen. These were included with the games.

My controller is barely working, so I've just got hold of a replacement which might need a small amount of work to make it usable. Update: By combining the casing and centering springs of the new controller with the guts and buttons of the old controller, I've now got a fully working controller again!

It's possible to get a cartridge with every game released for the Vectrex already on it, plus a few games which have been released privately more recently. Some people are still writing games for this system today!

Games OwnedGames Wanted
Armor Attack* Animaction*
Bedlam (Overlay/Instructions)* Art Master*
Berzerk* Crazy Coaster 3D*
Blitz* Dark Tower**
Clean Sweep (Box)* Heads Up Soccer*
Cosmic Chasm* Gravitrex
Fortress of Narzod* Mail Plane**
Hyperchase* Melody Master*
Minestorm* Mine Storm 3D*
Protector/YASI (Instructions) Narrow Escape 3D*
Rip Off* Polar Rescue*
Scramble* Pole Position*
Solar Quest* Star Castle*
Space Wars* Tour de France**
Spike (Overlay)* Moon Lander
Spinball* Nebula Commander
Starhawk* Omega Chase
Star Trek (Star Ship)* Patriots
War of the Robots - #89 of 100 (Instructions) Repulse
Web Warp* Rockaroids
Spike Hoppin'
Star Sling
Vector Vaders
Test Cart**
Cube Quest**
Pitchers Duel**

*Official releases

**Official unreleased