The Vectrex is a unique games console with a built in 9 inch black and white vector graphic display. It also has a built in game, which is a version of Asteroids. Colour could be laughably added by putting a plastic overlay on the screen. These were included with the games.

My controller is barely working, so I've just got hold of a replacement which might need a small amount of work to make it usable. Update: By combining the casing and centering springs of the new controller with the guts and buttons of the old controller, I've now got a fully working controller again!

It's possible to get a cartridge with every game released for the Vectrex already on it, plus a few games which have been released privately more recently. Some people are still writing games for this system today!

Games OwnedGames Wanted
Armor Attack Animaction
Bedlam (Overlay/Instructions) Art Master
Berzerk Crazy Coaster 3D
Blitz Dark Tower
Clean Sweep (Box) Heads Up Soccer
Cosmic Chasm Gravitrex
Fortress of Narzod Mail Plane (Unreleased)
Hyperchase Melody Master
Minestorm Mine Storm 3D
Protector/YASI (Instructions) Narrow Escape 3D
Rip Off Polar Rescue
Scramble Pole Position
Solar Quest Star Castle
Space War Star Trek (aka Star Ship)
Spike (Overlay) Tour de France (Unreleased)
Spinball Moon Lander
Starhawk Nebula Commander
War of the Robots - #89 of 100 (Instructions) Omega Chase
Web Warp Patriots
Spike Hoppin'
Star Sling
Vector Vaders