Places around the web that I've got an interest in...

  • A website for Sussex Landscapes who did a great job on our garden!
  • I have put together a website for the Mayfield Festival Choir.
  • Webchunks, another site I set up so I can cut and paste stuff using the net.
  • The website of the company I work for, Igence.
  • Alfred's Wedding Car is a website created by a friend for a friend of his to promote his wedding car business. Great if you want to get married in a Morris Minor!
  • Are you aworka?
  • Book your dog into Cosypets
  • The personal sites of Chris, Jo, Steve and Rob.
  • Ebay
  • Tamiya Club (Gruntfuggly) This is a site for collectors of Tamiya radio controlled cars, and is about the friendliest place I've found on the web. I've got a few cars now (trying to keep in touch with my youth) - pictures of them are on my personal page.
  • VAPS (Nigel Scott)
  • Friends Reunited (Nigel Scott)
  • I wrote some reviews of Playstation games that appear here (archived).
  • Back in the 80s, I wrote some BBC basic music programs under the pseudonym 'The Noige'. Some of them are available here. There are even some screenshots on this website. I also wrote some music for the Hybrid Music 500 synthesizer and I found some of those here.
  • Storywheel, my wife's website.
  • My Facebook page...