AMPLE Music Archive

Back in the late 80's, Hybrid released a hardware synthesizer for the BBC micro computer called the Music 500. The software that drove it used a new programming language, designed specifically for music, called AMPLE. They later released a software upgrade and called it the Music 5000.

Searching the web will turn up a few pages (see links below) with some music, but not many, so as I've got more music than I could find, I thought I ought to start an archive of AMPLE music.

If any of the owners of the work listed below would like me to remove their work, please let me know, and I'll happily remove it.

Many thanks to Danial Smith, who sent me the recordings of Nigel Sixsmith's and Pilgrim Beart's tracks.


All the music below is from the Music 5000 (as far as I know).

Andy Knight Super Nova (1:55 min, 898KB)
Bernie Dawson Big in Japan (4:34 min, 2.1MB)
Brian Scott Bare Necessities (0:48 min, 760KB)
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? (1:01 min, 964KB)
The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers (0:57 min, 900KB)
Noigesoft/The Noige/Nigel Scott Oxygene (2:55 min, 2.6MB)
Don't Look Behind (2.35 min, 3.1MB)
No ID! (2.30min, 3MB)
Oh L'amour (2.41min, 3.2MB)
Stringz (2.7MB, 2.17min)
Nigel Sixsmith Mexican Suite (part 1) (3:07 min, 3.8MB)
Mexican Suite (part 2) (5:09 min, 6.2MB)
Mexican Suite (part 3) (4:05 min, 4.9MB)
Yellow Pages (part 1) (4:41 min, 5.7MB)
Yellow Pages (part 2) (3:49 min, 4.6MB)
Yellow Pages (part 3) (3:09 min, 3.8MB)
Pilgrim Beart Cosmix (part 1) (1:05 min, 1.3MB)
Cosmix (part 2) (1:40 min, 2.1MB)
Cosmix (part 3) (4:30 min, 5.4MB)
Cosmix (part 4) (1:30 min, 1.7MB)
Next (part 1) (1:35 min, 1.8MB)
Next (part 2) (2:00 min, 2.4MB)
Next (part 3) (2:05 min, 2.7MB)
Next (part 4) (0.35 min, 813KB)
Next (part 5) (1:25 min, 1.9MB)
Next (part 6) (1:26 min, 1.8MB)


  • Colin Fraser's site, with specs and samples
  • Chris Whytehead's site with some pics
  • Robert Schmidt's The BBC Lives website, which some archived music
  • Joel Rowbottom's page with some archived music - including one of my own!
  • More music from the 8BS website