GP32 Maclink » download (194kb)

This is basically a GUI frontend for Mr. Spiv's Maclink command line application. It gives mac users the ability to drop files from the finder onto the GP32, and browse the contents of your SMC card using a tree view. It is currently based on version 0.7 of Mr. Spiv's maclink. It has been tested under OSX 10.3.2 and 10.3.3 and little else.

Note, because it uses Mr. Spiv's application you should also read the readme.txt which comes with that. Download it from here.

I accept no responsibility for any problems that may occur by using this application. You might want to backup your SMC card before using it, although the whole point of the GUI is to prevent you from doing something silly with the command line application. *Dangerous* operations like Delete and Format will ask you if you are sure before proceeding.