Thank you for installing Permanent Readability!

Permanent Readability

A Chrome extension that automatically enables Readability when visiting selected sites, using either the Readability Redux extension (if installed) or the javascript bookmarklet.

You can now enable Readabilty on a permanent basis for any site. When you're on a site that you want to enable, bring up the context menu (right-click) and choose Permanent Readability -> Enabled. The page will redisplayed using Readability and an entry is added to the options page for that site. The enabled sites can be updated and adjusted from the Options page. For more help on setting up patterns, see below.

Help with patterns...

The default pattern matches URLs that are pages within the website but not the main page of the website. If you want to match particular pages you can modify the pattern. For example, the pattern will only match pages with do not end with a #.

Other useful pattern characters:

\Treat the next character literally, eg, \$ matches a $, not the end of the URL
^Start of URL
$End of URL
*Zero or more times
+One or more times
?Zero or one time
.Any character
\dAny decimal digit 0-9 (same as [0-9])
\DAny non-digit (same as [^0-9])
\w\w represents a word. A word consist of one or more characters which is a letter, number or an underscore (same as [a-zA-Z_0-9])
\W\W represents a non-word. A non-word consist of one or more characters which is not a letter, number or an underscore (same as [^a-zA-Z_0-9])
[abc]Any character in the enclosed set
[^abc]Any character not in the enclosed set
[a-e]Any character in the enclosed range
{n}Exactly n occurrences of the previous character
{n,}At least n occurrences of the previous character
{n,m}Range between n and m occurrences of the previous character
a|bEither a or b

Report a problem/Feedback

- Added some help for defining patterns.
- Fixed confirm dialog when leaving options page after making changes.

- Fixes the back button and reload button so that you can cancel readability.
- Separate the domain name from the pattern to make it work more consistently
- Detects presence of Readability Redux correctly.

Note: This version will attempt to update your previously defined patterns although I can't guarantee this will work 100%.

- Improved options page (more consistent with chromium's preferences page) using Nimi Cleanser ( as inspiration.

- Fixed bug (Thanks Ahmed) where the wrong tab got rendered by Readability.

- Removed broken logging

- Fixed a bug where the extension fails first time.

- Now has an options page where you can manually add, remove and edit the patterns that enable Readabiity.
- Default pattern added/removed from the context menu now matches subpages of the url, no longer the domain name on it's own.