In October 1999, I was lucky enough to visit the monuments at Angkor in Cambodia. As I was staying with some friends in Bangkok, who had also wanted to visit the site, we arranged to spend a weekend in Cambodia. The trip was run by Bangkok Airways, and was well worth the fifty minute flight. We were met at Siem Reap airport and had a guide and driver exclusively to the three of us, for the entire weekend. I should point out, that this was just before the main tourist season starts, so we were probably lucky.

These are some photos of some of the sites, with a small amount of information regarding them. For more detailed information, try the Unesco World Heritage site or MarijkeJ. Klokke's pages at the Leiden University in Holland. I would also like to thank her for the use of her map showing the location's of the ruins I visited.

The ruins at Angkor were constructed over a period of about 500 years, starting in 879 AD. These first constructions are part of the Rolous Group below.

I have split up the photos into three sections:

Finally, here is a photo of the Nokor Kok Thlok Hotel, where we stayed in Siem Reap. It was fairly basic, but very clean, and air-conditioned. For our meals we were driven to a local restaurant, which again was basic, but the food was on the whole very good. You should also try the local Angkor Beer, which is much better than you'd expect!