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A Chrome extension to revert Google's image search behaviour back to how it used to work. Results are displayed on pages and the lightbox effect when visiting the image is automatically closed.

When you are on Google's image search page, you can click the eyes in the omnibox to open the options page. Or click options to change them right now...

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Version 0.81:
- Added new landing page for some user orientation.

Version 0.6:
- fixed a bunch of 'oogles' that were broken.

Version 0.5:
- new options page - click the icon in the omnibar (when you're in an image search page)
- image can be highlighted in the page with a shadow
- highlight and scroll with the new style search results as well as the old style

Version 0.4:
- Fixes a failure with unexpected url format (thanks Gary!).
- Brings image into view on visit.

Version 0.3:
- Now also works when switching search 'types' from the left hand menu.

Version 0.2:
- Now closes the lightbox automatically without resorting to using