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19/08/12 How to recover some internal memory on an HTC Wildfire S...

Like a lot of people, I've become fairly frustrated with the lack of internal memory on my Wildfire S.

Googling reveals some obvious solutions, eg. move apps to the SD card, clear caches, etc.

There is one other thing you can do - if you don't use some of the pre installed apps. For example, I never use the YouTube app or the GMail app. If you go to these apps in the manage applications menu, you will probably find that they have been updated to newer versions. If so there will be a button marked Uninstall updates. Press this to revert the application to the default version that came with the phone. This should save you a fair bit of memory as it seems that the newer versions are stored alongside the original.

You may also need to turn off automatic updates for the original versions and you'll have to ignore any nag screens telling you that there are new versions available.

If you ever need to use the apps in the future, you can just update the to latest version in the normal way.

Removing updates for three or four apps saved me nearly 20Mb.

UPDATE: OK, so it doesn't work for all of them. Some apps, eg. GMail seem to just update themselves again, but not all of them.

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24/06/12 There She Lay

There she lay.
Her skin was cold and her heart lifeless.
I hated her for being so perfect.
A smile swept across her face,
But it was all wrong,
it wasn't hers.

There she lay.
Trapped inside herself.
The hole that had been punched through me was throbbing.
My heart collapsed into small pieces of agony.
I ached with the whim for a difference truth.

There she lay.
I cried untill the tears ran dry an my throat was roar from moaning and screaming.
I was no longer human.
Just a zombie or a ghost.
I'm no use to the world.
I'm just a forgotten, abandoned memory.

There she lay.
On her deathbed and I couldn't do anything.
No longer the hero,
The bad guy.
I wanted to pound the walls and screech that I no longer cared for the world.

There I was.
Waiting for the numbness to come.
Ready to tune out any sound.
Wanting everything else to elude me.
The world was worth a penny now,
No, not even that.

Olivia (aged 11).

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16/06/12 Deal extreme selling superhero gear?

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12/02/12 How long have my comments been broken?

I've been wondering why I never get any blog comments - nothing since March 2010. Must have been the last time I fiddled with the script...

Either that or nobody reads this rubbish...

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16/01/12 How to detect an installed Chrome extension in a normal web page?

I searched for a while and was struggling to come up with a way to do this. Several people were suggesting that the extension should write an element into the page using a content script and then page could the check for it's existence. This seemed a bit inelegant and would also require a new version of the extension.

Then I found this gem from Gildas on the Chromium forums, which attempts to load an image resource from the extension:

function detectExtension( extensionId, callback )
var img;
img = new Image();
img.src = "chrome-extension://" + extensionId + "/icon16.png";
img.onload = function() { callback( true ); };
img.onerror = function() { callback( false ); };

Works a treat - just make sure that the file referenced, icon16.png in this case, is present in your extension folder.

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