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24/03/10 Latest Chromium Additions

Here's one that does a useful job:

And here's another useful one:

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13/03/10 Automatic preview for the people!

Some of my avid blog readers were a bit confused when adding comments - it's not obvious how to format urls, images, etc.

So - the first step was to add a live preview! It should at least show you what your comment will look like before you post it.

The next step will be to add some buttons to insert the codes for you - around any selection. For now though, the supported UBB codes are:

[b][/b] - bold, [i][/i] - italics, [u][/u] - underline
[list][/list] - for lists, which must surround [*][*/] list items
[center][/center] - to center align
[url=][/url] or [url][/url] - hyperlinks
[img][/img] - to link images
[code][/code] - for preformatted source code
[quote][/quote] - for quotations

I haven't tried all of these, so feedback is welcome (Will).

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07/03/10 Even more Chromium goodies

Another extension:

I've also finally found a theme I like:

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07/03/10 One in the oven

I thought I'd dig out my Virtual Boy a few days ago. I thought the kids might be interested to have a go on something a bit different to the Wii. Unfortunately, one of the displays had started playing up which spoilt the effect somewhat. A quick bit of research latter and it turns out that the trick is to take the display out, stick it in the oven for a couple of minutes, and then rub your finger on it for a bit. Book.

Except getting the thing open is a bit tricky. The security screws holding the unit together need something called a gamebit. I found one on ebay and got ready to go, but some of the screws are so deeply set that the gamebit wouldn't reach them! So I had to dremel the hex section to make it circular and cut a slot in the end for a screwdriver. Eventually the case was opened and the offending display was removed. Two minutes in the oven later, a bit of rubbing and we're back in business!

The kid's interest lasted about 30 seconds.

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06/03/10 Con Air?

How on earth did they ever convince John Malkovich, Colm Meaney and Steve Buscemi to be in this film? Even John Cusak should have avoided it. Still, it's one of those films I can't help watching every time it's on - along with Starship Troopers...

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05/03/10 More Chromium fun

I've found two more chromium extensions which I'm finding useful:

  • csscan which is an ultra simple CSS inspector.
  • Wayback Machine for single button access to the internet archive website when you get a 404.

I've also found a RSS feed for the latest chromium extensions.

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