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09/06/09 Can't let go...

What do I do with my battered 12" G4 powerbook?

It can't cope with Flash anymore - that's basically all it gets used for - web browsing (under the very easy to use parental controls for the kids). It feels like it should still be a great little machine, but it's just not quite there. But I can't bring myself to get rid of it - the form factor is still better than anything else (including the MacBook I'm using now)...

Not only that, but it's got the mini-dvi to S-video adaptor that means it'll display quite happily on my old Sony TV - and there doesn't appear to be an equivalent adaptor for the mini display port...


posted by Gruntfuggly # 22:28 4 comments

Use it to prop up wonky table?

Steve # 10/06/09 16:20

@Steve: LMFAO!

JoJo # 10/06/09 19:45

Battered you say? Maybe fry some chips to go with it... ;)

Or you could ebay it: one sold yesterday for £370. That should pay for the uni part of the
unibody enclosure of your new MacBook Pro 13".

And your old Sony TV needs to get the sledgehammer.

What else have you got?

Chris # 11/06/09 19:45

Sledgehammer? Blimey - that's a tad harsh - it's still a great TV! When I go round my sister's house and watch their 42" flat panel wall mount, I spend the whole time thinking that the picture just looks crap!

Gruntfuggly # 13/06/09 21:49

Somebody # 16/07/24 04:40


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