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20/01/09 Can an atheist believe in serendipity?

Back when the Playstation (the original) was the king of the consoles, there was a monthly magazine which featured a CD on the front cover with playable demos of upcoming games. Sometimes they also included 'homebrew' games developed on the Net Yaroze.

One of these homebrew games was a fantastically addictive, highly polished two player game, in the 'puzzle bobble' genre, called Super Bub which got played it a lot (I said it was addictive). It featured a great sound track which fitted the game perfectly, and a few days ago I heard it on the radio. I shazam'ed it (still can't get my head round how that works) and found out it was Higher State of Consciousness by Josh Wink. So when I got home I had a listen to it on YouTube and Sarah overheard, remembered what it reminded her of, and asked where the Super Bub game was. Ooops - no idea - must have lent it somebody years ago.

So, I started looking for the demo disc (number 43) on eBay, but it's apparently quite sought after now and nobody seemed to have it. Googling a bit further, it was apparently also included on demo disc 81. There was also a demo disc 108 which had 20 Net Yaroze games included, but I couldn't find a complete listing anywhere. After a bit of searching with various criteria and eBay's old search, I found a listing which included disc 108 along with a few others, so I stuck a 99p bid on.

A few days later, the discs arrived and there was a nice surprise when one of the boxes (disc 83) actually had an extra disc in - disc 81!

Mind you, it turns out Super Bub is on disc 108 aswell, so I've actually ended up with two copies, although I hadn't actually expected to get any...

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Regarding the title of your article - I would ask the same question of a religious person. Surely they would argue nothing happens by chance?

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