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30/08/08 Paper cut on the tongue anybody?

We've all done it. You lick an envelope and cut your tongue. My youngest went one better a few days ago - she bit right through her tongue! I guess it's what happens when you try sticking your tongue out while attempting a mooney a bit too close to the banisters...

If you're feeling brave, take a look at the pic: Ouch!

Happily, it's healed up pretty well in just a few days.

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I think "Ouch!" is a bit of an understatement. Muchos respect for posing for the photo - you're hardcore!

JoJo # 30/08/08 19:28

Chris # 07/09/08 21:49

My brother went out last night, tripped over whilst his hands were in his pockets and landed on his face. We don't think his nose is broken, although it bled like a tap, he has snapped his two front teeth, cut the inside of his mouth, oh... and he pushed the broken teeth clean through his top lip. Nice!

JoJo # 13/09/08 19:38


Gruntfuggly # 14/09/08 13:07

I dare you to ask him. Wear running shoes.

JoJo # 14/09/08 13:11

Somebody # 18/05/24 11:01


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