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25/07/08 Optional Exposure

Some of my many readers will remember that I had a particular gripe about OSX's Exposé feature, where it forced you to mouse over every window to find the window you really want, because it would only show the title of the window under the mouse. A right pain if you have lots of text editor windows that all look the same when shrunk to fit on the screen.

While searching for Mail RSS hints and tips, I came across this posting which points out that you can hold down the Option key to show all the window titles! Very nice. Not sure why it's an option though - it would be better if pressing the key toggled the feature on and off.

Maybe the reason it's not more well known is that it seems a bit buggy. It worked for me first time, but it seems to be a bit hit and miss for some people...

posted by Gruntfuggly # 16:39 3 comments

Yes it is buggy... it seems to get confused after you have focused an Exposé window. But as you say, why wouldn't you want it all the time?

The only time I use Exposé is when I am trying to get Dashboard but press the wrong function key! Could be something to do with my 30" screen? I tend to use Spaces when I'm using my laptop standalone.

Chris # 25/07/08 18:23

Doesn't work on my MacBook Pro!

JoJo # 28/07/08 08:07

Ok, so all of a sudden this started working. I think it may be because I was pressing alt before all the windows had finished exposing themselves - it kept flipping into spaces.

JoJo # 02/08/08 17:14

Somebody # 21/04/24 08:46


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