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12/04/08 A different point of view

My kids had come into our bedroom and we had long conversation after one of them claimed to be able to see Mt. Everest out of the bedroom window. I was trying to get them to imagine how big Everest really would be - 20 times higher than the Malvern hills we were actually looking at (pretty impossible to imagine actually).

One thing led to another - tectonic plates pushing together to create mountain ranges ... oceanic trenches ... fossils at the tops of mountains ... why it is easier to explore mountains than the sea because of the pressure ... ears popping, etc.

Next thing, my other daughter zips off to tell her grandmother that we've got some blue tits nesting in a box in our garden. I then hear her say that this is amazing because it had only happened because she was born. Because, then she had a birthday so she was given the nest box so the birds had somewhere to make a nest and have babies.

Looks like humans can't help seeing things from their own perspective...

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I don't actually think that this is as farcical as you seem to suggest. Your daughter is, in part, responsible for the birth of the blue tits, this, by proxy, makes you also partly responsible - and so the chain continues. (It is why creatures should help each other, rather than thinking of themselves). Think about the spread of a smile, or the effect of letting someone out of a junction, they may in turn pass this courtesy on. Cause and effect!

The important question, is what, or who, started this whole string of events off in the first place. Please could you ask your kids to explain it to me!

P.S. I am unable to justify the audacious claim of an everest siting.

JoJo # 14/04/08 12:25

I disagree. I don't think she was responsible in the slightest. They would have found somewhere else to nest and have babies. No cause - no effect.

It all started because the youngest claimed to be able to see Mt. Everest out the window. Either there was a spectacular case of atmospheric refraction, or she was looking at the Malvern hills (we were near Worcester).

Gruntfuggly # 15/04/08 10:58

Do you know that they would have found somewhere else to live? No. They might have done, but then again they could have been eaten by next door's cat. The cause and effect is clear to see!

JoJo # 15/04/08 12:22

Oh no - we're heading down the little green man path again...

Gruntfuggly # 15/04/08 12:32

Aren't we often encouraged to put up bird/bat/owl boxes, etc to replace disappearing habitats? Therefore, not putting them up must have an impact on animal numbers.

But more importantly, can you fix the spelling mistake in the blog title?

Chris # 23/04/08 10:02

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