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11/12/08 Leave it alone!

Why do so many websites feel the need to constantly change their appearance? They could at least give you the option to choose between the old and the new, but that doesn't happen very often.

Anyway, Google Reader was updated a few days ago, and it's been annoying me that they changed the font sizes. Normally, it wouldn't be a problem if you're using Firefox - you just use Stylish or Content Preferences, etc. to change the appearance on a per site basis.

However, just to be awkward, I like having google reader in an SSB using Fluid which doesn't easily allow you to change the site's appearance. There are a few solutions on the net, using userscripts, but they all seemed to be slightly broken due to the fact that google reader keeps changing it's structure and appearance (:rolleyes:).

Luckily, userscripts are pretty simple, so using Firebug I managed to track down the elements I wanted to change, went to the Userstyles Preferences, and added a couple of CSS rules to change the font sizes:

#sub-tree {font-size:90% !important; line-height:150% !important;}
.entry-main {font-size:9pt !important; padding-bottom:1em !important;}

Set the URL Pattern to ** and Bob is your proverbial.

I wonder how long it will last?

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10/11/08 I'm glad I'm not a PC...

Does anybody else think it's slightly bizarre that Microsoft have spent money on an advertising campaign for a product they don't even make? I always thought they made software...

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19/10/08 About time too...

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08/10/08 Arcade Machine in your URL bar?

I haven't seen anything on the net for a while thats surprised me, but this did:

Defender of the Fav Icon

A playable game INSIDE the favicon!


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30/08/08 Paper cut on the tongue anybody?

We've all done it. You lick an envelope and cut your tongue. My youngest went one better a few days ago - she bit right through her tongue! I guess it's what happens when you try sticking your tongue out while attempting a mooney a bit too close to the banisters...

If you're feeling brave, take a look at the pic: Ouch!

Happily, it's healed up pretty well in just a few days.

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25/07/08 Optional Exposure

Some of my many readers will remember that I had a particular gripe about OSX's Exposé feature, where it forced you to mouse over every window to find the window you really want, because it would only show the title of the window under the mouse. A right pain if you have lots of text editor windows that all look the same when shrunk to fit on the screen.

While searching for Mail RSS hints and tips, I came across this posting which points out that you can hold down the Option key to show all the window titles! Very nice. Not sure why it's an option though - it would be better if pressing the key toggled the feature on and off.

Maybe the reason it's not more well known is that it seems a bit buggy. It worked for me first time, but it seems to be a bit hit and miss for some people...

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01/07/08 Holiday snaps...

I've just added some photos from my holiday in France - camping in Carnac. Really nice campsite, with excellent facilities for the kids, and a top excuse for me to check out the megaliths that are all over the place in the area.

I've also taken the opportunity to try out a new photo viewing script Thickbox, which has some nicer features than the old script I was using, Lightbox...

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14/05/08 My first rant post...

I saw a mini today with reversing sensors on it. A Mini. WTF?

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27/04/08 Elastic-tastic...

As all my avid readers will be aware (hi Dave, Steve, Chris and Jo), I like using ems to layout websites so they stay nice and elastic. It works great in Firefox, Safari, etc. but not quite nicely enough in Explorer (surprise surprise). So I did a quick google and found this little nugget:

body { font-size: 80% }

That's it. No more ridiculously small fonts when 'smallest' text size is selected (well it's still a bit small, but you can actually read it now) and layouts work much better. Down with pixels!

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12/04/08 A different point of view

My kids had come into our bedroom and we had long conversation after one of them claimed to be able to see Mt. Everest out of the bedroom window. I was trying to get them to imagine how big Everest really would be - 20 times higher than the Malvern hills we were actually looking at (pretty impossible to imagine actually).

One thing led to another - tectonic plates pushing together to create mountain ranges ... oceanic trenches ... fossils at the tops of mountains ... why it is easier to explore mountains than the sea because of the pressure ... ears popping, etc.

Next thing, my other daughter zips off to tell her grandmother that we've got some blue tits nesting in a box in our garden. I then hear her say that this is amazing because it had only happened because she was born. Because, then she had a birthday so she was given the nest box so the birds had somewhere to make a nest and have babies.

Looks like humans can't help seeing things from their own perspective...

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27/03/08 Better post something for this month...

Right - I've sussed it.

1. Never use percentages for placing stuff using CSS.
2. Always use ems.
3. Decide on one part of the page (or section of the page) that will stretch with the window resizing, then fix the size of everything else.

At least that's the strategy for now. It'll probably break in Explorer because it's got a different idea of the size of an em!

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13/02/08 Time for a Change

Well it only took about 7 years, but I finally got round to updating my website. A lot of the old stuff has gone, leaving a simpler, more up to date site.

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